The burial site

RAÄ Antiquities Search                  Tarsled 3:1 (Swedish National Heritage Board) designation)
County                                             Västergötland
District                                             Herrljunga
Parish                                              Tarsled
Co-ordinates                                   N 58° 4′ 50″, E 12° 57′ 52″ (WGS84)

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By road: Nycklabacken is located at Fölene between Södra Härene and Herrljunga. From the E20 by car, turn off at Södra Härene towards Herrljunga. At Fölene church follow the sign marked “gravfält”. You can park on the burial ground.


Nycklabacken, like Lundskullen is located along Nossan. The agricultural landscape is plenty with rock carvings in the form of cup marks, lots of stone settings and mounds found on smaller impediments in the landscape and a few stone chamber tombs. Finally, particularly in the south, there are plenty of stone mounds located on the higher surroundings.

In summary, the landscape around Nycklabacken and all the way to Södra Härene and down towards Vårgårda is very rich in ancient remains. It shows a rich settlement during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

You can read more about Nycklabacken on Bengans Historiasidor.

The ancient remains on Nycklabacken.

The burial site contains about 200 remains: 18 mounds, 149 round stone settings, 1 triangular stone setting, 2 three-point stone graves and at least 27 standing stones.

Three of the standing stones form two sun lines and show the summer solstice and winter solstice. They stand as a separate group just east of six wide standing stones.