Day of new quarter – Summer

From the middle of the mound with the big cist positioned to the southwest of Lundskullen one can see the sun rise at the root of a standing stone at the day in the summer of the new quarter. This is one example of only a few sunlines on Lundskullen where one observes the sunrise or sunset, in contrast to looking at how a shadow falls on a residual stone.

The animation shows the appearance of the sunrise the day before the new quarter and exactly on the day of the new quarter:

At the date of of the new quarter 28 days after the summer solstice, just at the beginning of the sunrise, just the uppermost part of the sunĀ“s disk appear at the root of the standing stone.

Visibility today

Not possible to see since the forest is in the way of the sun. The position of this sunline indicates that at the time of the Late Iron Age the vicinity of Lundkullen were deforested.